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Pokemon Story Start (Yes I know it's corny but i was into it and it is just sitting in my data base.

Tay Kanth�s Adventures
Chapter 1

In Celedon City, people and trainers are moving around. Tay Kanth is walking with her pok�mon heading out of the city when a shadow is cast. People and trainers look up and see Moltres flying by. They are shocked and excited. Questions are asked with no answers. Team Rocket is also in the city, Carrie and Curtis. They too see Moltres. "After it!" Carrie shouts. The two rockets follow in the same general direction, knocking Tay off her feet in their hurry....

Tay gets to her feet as the two rocket members run after the Moltres. She starts off after them. She called back to her little eevee, "Come on Sage! We are gonna teach those troublemakers a lesson on courtesy!" she ran off, the eevee close at her heels. They ran through crowds of people and Tay was careful not to bump anyone as she dodged through the hustle and bustle. They ran through the market place and a shopkeeper threw her a piece of fruit as she ran by. �Thanks Randy!� she called to him but her voice was lost in the crowd. The rocket members jogged into the forest and, as she caught up with the rocket members, she remembered how she had met Sage.

Tay had been all alone in the woods and it was rapidly becoming dark. She heard noises and suddenly a large Raticate had come at her. She had called for help but no one was there. Then an eevee came bounding through the bushes and attacked the raticate. The raticate had run off with a broken tooth and she and Sage had been friends ever since. She shook her head and saw the rocket members panting for breath. Her eevee came up next to her and sat down refreshed from the exercise. Tay listened to the rocket members talking.

�Crud! Now we have to wait for it to show up again! We are probably going to have to wait all night before it comes out of it�s den again!� Complained Curtis.

�Oh be quiet and quit whining! Giovanni will be really happy if we get this for him! Especially since he needs it for (whisper) � scolded Carrie ending the sentence so low that Tay couldn�t hear.

So, Tay thought that�s their hurry. Well we�ll see to it that they don�t get away with it!
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