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A Knight's Tale

Once upon a time there lived a knight in shining armor. His name was Knight. Knight was never very remarkable. He had no special features on his face; he wasnt stronger or weaker than anybody else. But for some reason when he was a squire neither teachers nor students paid any attention to him. His given name was Dayan but no one could remember it so they called him by his surname, Knight. When Galahad did a particularly good thrust with his sword, everyone congratulated him, but Knight would do a similar one and no one would even notice. Despite all this he had great success through Knight School, and he followed the code of chivalry in everything he did.

He went through vigorous training just like all the other knights, but they all had horses and a lady. Our poor knight had neither of those. The problem was that he never could get anywhere to save someone or some village because he had no horse. He had to walk, so he was always too late.

Why am I the only one who doesnt have a horse? I could be the
greatest knight in the whole of Europe if only I had a set of hoofs, (leather exterior, 1 horse power) thought the knight to himself one day, But no one wants to sell a knight a mount if he hasnt done anything spectacular. I need only to slay a dragon or defeat a sorcerer.

The poor knight traveled the land for days chasing each opportunity, but always arrived a minute too late. One day, as he stumbled into a shabby town, he noticed that it was awfully rundown and looked deserted. Knight had just traveled through thirty miles of marshland and was incredibly tired.

Great. Just my luck. Ive come into the one ghost town in this forsaken land, the poor knight mumbled.

He heard a feeble noise and saw a slight movement out of the corner of his eye. A young boy, no more than ten years of age, had hidden in a neglected bakery. The boy came out and started rushing towards the knight with open arms. With a flying leap the small boy landed on the knight, hugging him and crying tears of happiness. Knight was too tired to brace himself against the small body and was thrown to the ground unconscious.

Come out, come out everyone! A knight has come! We are saved! The joyful call of the boy rang throughout the town and slowly, one by one, the townspeople came out to see this knight with their own eyes, hardly believing their luck. Knight was picked up by the townspeople and brought inside. The mayor ordered that food and drink be fetched.

Rise and shine sleepy head! Weve food and drink for you so please do get up! The knight woke to the sweet voice of a beautiful lady.

What? Are you an angel, am I dead?! Knight sat up suddenly gasping in fear for his life.

The lady laughed and shoved pastries, meaty goods and wine into his hands, Silly, are you not here to defeat the dragon that has been terrorizing us? We would be ever so grateful if you did. We would give you your hearts desire, and Id give you my hand in marriage. You are going to need all your strength to defeat it though. Eat.

My hearts desire? Knight sputtered through a mouthful of meatroll, That would be a faithful steed to see me through battles. I shall defeat this dragon of yours.

The mayors daughter, for that is who she turned out to be, told Knight the tale of the dragon. A while back this town was prosperous and well known, but we wanted more and more. Soon we became so greedy we sought after the sorcerer Croissant to grant us wealth. The sorcerer said no, but we persisted and he became angry. He summoned a dragon to torment us and so it has been ever since. Many knights have come and tried to slay the monster, but each was dispatched quickly by the fearsome she-dragon. The sorcerer had given us a way out though, if one knight could stop the dragon we would be returned to our previous prosperity, but only with the labor of our own sweat.

The knight saw this as his chance for victory. He set out as soon as he had regained his stamina. As he marched up the hill to the dragons cave, he wondered if it was really worth risking his life for these greedy people. Then he remembered the looks of intense regret on their faces and realized that they had learned their lesson. Knight reached the cave and called out the dragon. He waited and waited, but the dragon did not come out. He charged in and found that the dragon was not there. As he came out he looked towards the town and saw that it was under attack. The dragon had slipped by him by going down the other side of the hill.

Knight ran clanking down the hill, sword in hand, and reached the dragon as it was picking up the mayors daughter and preparing to eat her. Stop fiend! Put down Lady Eclaire and face me! He yelled as he brought his sword down on the dragons thick, soft hide. The dragon felt the blow even though it did no damage. It dropped Eclaire and turned towards Knight, breathing flame. It picked up Knight with one of its mighty claws and brought him up to her mouth. The dragon opened its maw in a devious grin, and her forked tongue shot out and--licked Knight. She put Knight down in the square lovingly and started nuzzling him. Astonished, Knight realized that the dragon would do him no harm and that she was only a cream puff. He sent her back to the hill to wait for him.

I have tamed your dragon, she is no longer a threat to your village, announced Knight.

The townspeople rejoiced and had a banquet to celebrate. Halfway through, rumor went around suggesting that the knight hadnt really done anything. The dragon would have stopped anyway. Knight just happened to be in the right place at the right time. The next day when he stopped by the stables to receive his new mount, they would not let him have one, denying that they had ever made that promise. When he asked Eclaire what was happening she said that he was to go on his way and that the dragon was to go with him.

What about our marriage? asked Knight When shall I come back for you?

Never. I cant have that beast ruining our--I mean my house. Can you imagine the burn marks? retorted Eclaire, Besides what would other towns think of me if I married you? Now run along.

But, hon

No buts.

Oh crumbs!

So Knight dejectedly went and got the dragon and they started off. At least Ive one friend, thought Knight. The townspeople threw breadsticks and scones and day old rolls from the bakery at the dragon and Knight as they left. This continued until the dragon could not stand it any longer. She turned and incinerated the town leaving the townspeople with nothing but a pile of soot. Harsh words may wound my pride but breadsticks and scones and day old rolls will never hurt me.

As the dragon and the knight continued she saw that the knight was still unhappy about not getting a horse, he still had to walk. The dragon lowered her forearm so that he could climb up on her back just below the neck ridge. Knight, being the good person that he was, had not even considered riding her and was at a loss until he understood he was to climb up on her neck. He scrambled up and she leaped up into the air. The two of them flew off to do more good deeds. Even though Knight knew hed never get any recognition for any of them, he still followed the code of chivalry.
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