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The Legend of the Howl

During the beginning, when all the animals were picking out their fur and feathers, everyone scrambled to get good covering. Wolf was in there with the rest of the animals, he got a wonderful coat of fur, it was a beautiful creamy yellow-orange with dark spots covering it, and he was proud and strutted about with his lovely coat. He was bragging to his friend, Coyote, about it in his dull voice, which all animals had, while all the other animals were walking or flying off with their coats. Yes, everyone else is going home disappointed because I got the most beautiful of coats there is! Wolf boasted. Coyote rolled his eyes at Wolf and sat there waiting patiently until Wolf was done ranting and raving.

Behind Wolf stood Leopard, Leopard had a coat of sleek shiny fur but did not like it. He was greedy and wanted Wolfs fur instead. So Panther asked Fox, the cunning trickster, to help him. Fox, if you help me I will make sure you get the most wonderful of voices when the time comes. You will sing with the best of them! Fox quickly agreed and devised a plan to make Wolf take off his coat. Fox started to dig next to a path and soon he hit a underground stream, it filled his hole with water quickly. The surface looked like any normal pond but underneath was a raging whirlpool, Fox was soon caught and Leopard had to save him. They both snickered as they padded down the path to wait for unsuspecting Wolf.

The next day later Wolf was walking down a path trying to hum in his dull voice but failing miserably, he did not mind for soon he would have a voice as well. He came across a pond and said to himself, It is so hot out, and the water looks so inviting! I think Ill go for a swim. Wolf wiggled out of his coat to keep it from getting ruined, as the paints from its creation were not quite dry yet. He set it on a rock while he dove into the water. Immediately Leopard and Fox jumped out and grabbed Wolfs wonderful coat, replacing it with Leopards second hand coat.

Wolf was caught in the whirlpool and could not get out to stop them. Coyote came along and saw Wolfs plight, he helped Wolf out and said, Hurry Wolf! The voices are about to be given out! We mustnt be late! The two friends hurried but, alas, they arrived as all the animals were leaving with their new voices. Wolf and Coyote ran to the pile but found only harsh sounds left with a few weak whimpers. They did their best to put together decent voices and walked away ashamed.

As they left Leopard and Fox were arguing over their voices. You said you would give me the best voice! Fox yelped at Leopard, Instead youve left me with a few meager yaps!

Leopard growled deeply and laughed at Fox, Weakling, did you think I was going to give you what I could so easily have? Ive only got one sound left to add to my voice so stand back! With that, Leopard lifted the beautiful haunting howl to his lips but before he could swallow it Fox leaped and batted it away from him. The howl bounced between Coyote and Wolf, they looked at each other and cut it neatly in half, each eating one part so that they could both howl.

Leopard roared at Fox who yelped in fear and ran as far as he could from him. Then in anger at Leopard for stealing his beautiful coat Wolf bounded over and howled with all his might, the haunting sound reverberated through out the lands and every animal stopped and cowered at the sound. Leopards eyes widened and he ran from Wolf, fearing for his life. Wolf and Coyote congratulated each other on their accomplishments and went their separate ways. This hurt their souls deeply as they were friends from puppyhood. From then on, every night at moon rise they both howled with all their might to the memory of each other.
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