These Tears tell A story... (kuddlez18) wrote in tellmeastory,
These Tears tell A story...

*I'm New*

Here's a story... *sorry if i confuse you*

There was this guy jason, Oh my goodness, I really like him alot. He started working with me, a few months ago. Never really talked to him. When i first saw him, i knew he was someone i really wanted to get to know. He wasn't perfect, and wasn't drop dead gorgeous, but he was good enough for me. He had all the qualities i looked for in a man. We became good friends, went to every single scary horror movie ever played in theatre's together. He would hold me when i'm scared, and calm me down, and hold onto me, onto my hand. I was really falling in love with him. or i think i was. Then i told a friend that was his best friend, she didn't like the idea too much, because she didn't want him to get so-called hurt by me. She thinks she knows alot about me but she doesn't, we barely talk. She get's mad, and tells me i dont really like him and telling me all this shit, like she doesn't want me dating him, and she would never date him. Comes a few weeks ago, she decides to play a practical joke on me, pretending that they are dating, which made me think of her as some kind of hypocrit. I got angry, i grew into tears, i really cared and loved this kid. She ditched him on halloween for some other guy who she wasnt best friends with, so i invited him to come with me, and guess what we had a great time, it felt like me and jason were dating, even though we really weren't. pissed me off, then she goes around telling everyone that i tried ending their friendship, which wasn't even true, i didn't say a thing to anyone about them or anything, i just stated that i was upset with the joke. i didn't think it was too funny. Jason told me he liked his best friend julia (the girl that played the joke) so i told her, so maybe she would leave me alone. I think that news screwed things up for her. It wasn't my fault this all happened, it was her's. I dont know how this all started or how it came about... all i can say is whatever. So now me and julia aren't friends, am i supposed to feel hurt??? I cant believe she would have the nerve to tell me that i was breakin the relationship between her and jason, when all i did was try to make him happy by tellin him to ask her out for real, and not as a joke like they made it out to be. Well now Jason seems to be still into me, and julia drifted away a hella lot. its not like we were best friends or anything...i know my best friend missy would never do that to me. Jason i think he still likes me, and even if he did ask me out now, i'm way to hurt by him goin along with the joke, and how could i ever trust him again??? yet, i think i still like him.
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